The key to a great story is not who or what or when or even how. It is 'why'. Here is Emeral

Chapter 2 Cytometry “What the hell happened SIS?” Xanthe asked as she surveyed the Vidscreens feeding her external and environmental information. It did not look good. Portions of the I-380 east route littered with now silent and destroyed huge red chromatic ships and hundreds of dead Americans. Red, white, and blue polyester coated corpses scattered across the dry arid desert speckled the landscape. The small towns of Caprock and Tatum along the highway were mere memories as most of the buildings lay in smoking ruin still ablaze. A Vidscreen plotting real-time GPS guided her to the next town of Seminole as the Stryker’s hover-track ran smoothly across the deserted dusty interstate. The ATCS

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