The word Kudos is from the Greek (of course) word 'Kydos' meaning "praise or renown". The first use of this word was in academic circles. Playwrights and athletes started receiving the same word as praise in the 1920's and the word is adaptable in a singular or plural setting. Kudos has come to be widely regarded and used as a plural noun meaning "accolades" rather than a singular mass noun meaning "honor or glory". The singular form Kudo has been produced by back formation. Most publishing guides warn against using this word and it is no longer used in conjunction with journalistic writing. Those of you who read my stuff on a regular basis know that I will probably disregard that guide. Kud

Riding the Razor until it turns Crimson

How could you possibly be mad at this face? This is the face of the 'Delete Key Posse'! The delete key is not a toy, lol. I am so pumped about this book words cannot describe my feelings of gratitude. Crimson has been a fantastic trip and very worthwhile one to say the least. There is nothing on this planet I would ever want to do but write this series and the next. If you have ever thought about writing, do it. I implore you. Write like you are possesed. Write until you can't think straight anymore. All you can imagine and dream at night lying in bed is the story and the plot, the narrative and the prose, the connection between characters and that all encompassing insurmountable climax. Mos

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