The Future of the Pseudoverse. What is Next After the Pseudoverse Implodes? Will your Face Grace the

Hello and good afternoon, or good morning depending on where you are at right now. The image above is the remainder, what is left of the Pseudoverse Series, all ten novels. With this in mind I will shortly have number seven , Indigo, in the books. (No pun intended at all.) The three novels that are concept novel cover art without faces are Copper, Granite, and Turquoise. Gold and Radium are taken by a couple of lovely and bright young women who have chosen to let me drag them through the literary mud for my own bizarre pleasure. (Evil Laughing) That means that Scarlet, Granite, and Turquoise, are without their cover art models yet. Savannah Claeys, (Gold) and Crystal Sickles, (Radium) have b

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