CG Blade

Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic, Historical Science-Fiction, Genetic Engineering, Horror, Witchcraft, Automata Terror, and Egyptology Author.


"Everything you want in life is on the other side of fear"

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CG Blade - Pseudo-Transhuman


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"I don't know where CG comes up with this style of writing but it is simply remarkable. Like a magician or perhaps a warlock, he sends you down one path and then suddenly you are somewhere else miles away from where you thought you were going. It is great detail of planning of narratives and plots that never fail to encapsulate your mind. It is some of the most enjoyable riveting reading I have done in years and I hope it does not end anytime soon. If he is not found out by the literary world soon, it is their loss." Jenny C - Amazon Review​​​


​​​"Every undiscovered,unread page, of a CG Blade novel is a wild ride waiting to happen. The expansive cast of characters are as sexy and funny as they are deadly. Think "X-Files and the Twilight Zone, meet Philip K. Dick, Jane Bond, and Mrs. Emma Peel." You will never see the next event or the ending coming at you. The cliffhangers from book to book are creative and well thought out. Each novel fits together like a giant puzzle with the pieces waiting to be tied together. Fantastic writing that only gets better with each book. These are hard to put down once you open them up and you will be thinking about them for days afterward. This is the sign of an author with a highly creative mind that carefully plots out each and every last detail." Tom P - Amazon Review

    "I have been reading much of CG Blade writings since he asked me to beta read Chrome. Being the sixth novel in the Pseudoverse series, I wanted to at least read the first novel. I am a chronically ill person, so reading is not something that happens every day, nor does writing...consequently why my FB has gone dead. C'est la vie. I was able to get Cobalt and Crimson under my belt, but sorely wish now that I could have read them all first since Onyx was slightly revealed in Chrome, and is my favorite novel for many reasons. - The asention scene at the end of Onyx will never leave your mind or heart. I cheered and cried. These novels are entirely unique.


    I am in love with unique having been introduced to Tom Robbins by the love off my life...who left me when his moral failings were about to implode. � However, I still LOVE reading Tom Robbins who uses words as no other author does and has unique characters... can of beans, spoon, and shell. � Sissy Hankshaw's thumbs... If you know Robbins, you get what I am saying. Well, what CG Blade does that is unique is he breaks into some taboos. A four year old Pseudosynth who swears like a pirate - she is my favorite, and it is exactly for this reason. Blade takes our fears, like robots running the world, and turns it on its head, literally. He also takes conspiracy to the next level: area 51, vaccines, technology advancements, data collecting by the government, money going digital, gene splicing, cyborgs, aliens, sex-bots, orgasms running the minds of millions, pharmaceuticals changing human nature.... It really is all there, every ounce of it. There are also endless references to pop culture.

    Not being much of a "vidiot" having given up TV 10 years ago due to my health, I was worried that I would miss references to pop culture. I did miss many if them, truth be told. The fun aspect to this is that it taught me that pop culture really is a big nothing; point. It is just a reference point in history as to what was mainstream programming(think about that for a second) at any given time on the boob-tube. � Great thoughts are brought to light, and the characters of 2075 reacting to these same TV shows as we are viewing today shows the base nature of human. If you are into pop culture, you will have a blast with all that is there. Glean with a big basked, or worshipers of the TV. The heroines truly are some classy, ass-kicking Pseudosynths. I admire that Blade keeps the Heroines classy, and the opposition down and dirty, real dirty. If you like smut and adult scenes...well, it's all here. Grab your cigarettes, your partner, and have a read aloud. Just don't do it publicly, or you might get arrested.

    Sex, drugs....and of course, rock and roll. There are lyrics to some new and old music, and if you choose the ebook versions, there are live links that can lead you to the music featured in the intermission. Yup, another great quirky feature...Intermission! You will need it. Putting the novels down is difficult once started. The links work well in the Amazon #kindle version and my old #Fire tablet. It is a great feature of the novels, especially if you don't know the artists. It is fun to learn of new artists in this way.

    All characters are real people. Just like the music is real, so is every person who is a main or secondary character(antagonist or protagonist). Read the thank you at the end to find out who everyone might be! I find this unique quality to be the biggest winner of the novels. Blade also has the real people, or some one close to them should they already be resting in peace, write the foreword. I am one to read forewords, but being a teacher for 20 years, I know what a drag they can be for the non-reader or the Escapist reader: Let me get to the good stuff! � Well, these forewords are not to be skipped. Chrome and Onyx will tear your heart out, flip it around and shove it back in upside-down. They are a must read from a character in the novel. Blade works hard (pesters... �) to know his characters to portray them as accurately as possible. He does a bang up job. The classy touch of the foreword just says it all for CG Blade.

    So that you know that this is a "truth be told" here are the few things that as a reader I struggled with. He is the consummate gentleman, and me...the she-wolf. Chapter length. You have to like brief chapters. Dan Brown and James Patterson are two NY Best Sellers who have short chapters. These are great for the various types of readers who need short chapters because they pick up and put down their reading often. Bus rides, work breaks, dare I mention bathroom reading (sorry Seinfeld), and the like will be great matches for these brief, although fast moving chapters.


    I hope this gives anyone thinking of reading these a better idea of what to expect.


    Give him a try....seriously! These novels are simply genius. I feel that in time, Blade will be discovered on a bigger scope, and not posthumously. You would be wise in being ahead of the wave... you can rub your nails on your shirt and say...oh him? Already read every only found him NOW? Pff." Kate D - Review of entire Pseudoverse Series


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