Amaranth-An Xtreme Rock and Roll Rockumentary Circa 2099 - The New Age Of Dystopian Rock

Amaranth is for everyone who grows up dreaming of being a rock star... ​It's 2099, and live music is dead. Only a few obscure bands have still survived the corporate takeover of FM radio, the internet, and all of "manufactured" music by corporations and conglomerates. Touring bands don't exist any longer due to the outrageous prices TicketFaster are charging. Only small club and garage bands still play just for the love of the music. (Original music is outlawed. Therefore these bands must hide to play live) Close to the color of raspberry, (the band's favorite group, The Raspberries) Amaranth is the 'synthetic' story of the world's most successful "all-girl" rock band in the wake of this cor

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