What Are The Pseudoverse Series Novels? (Radium Storm Clouds Move Across The Azure Sky While Indigo

We have been asked plenty of times, "what is the Pseudoverse? I see these amazing colorful novels could you please tell me what they are?"

"In the simplest of explanations, the Pseudoverse Series is an original world of fiction mirroring today's sociology-economic structure and technology. They contain sixteen novels driven by historical accuracy, pop culture, Easter Eggs, Music, horror, witches, heroines, robotics, artificial intelligence, Transhumanism, Fructose Products, and pseudo humans all wrapped up inside colorful cover art of real women that we are friends with. The cover models are also the main characters inside each novel. These characters jump from novel to novel so you never know who will show up in which novel. "It is a jaw-dropping, head-snapping series that you cannot put down until the very last pages are read." We didn't write that, one of our fantastic readers did in a review you can find on this website on CG Blade's page.

In order to understand the many genres of this series you would first have to familiarize yourself with the genre of 'Conspiracy Kitchen Sink'. Imagine this main genre as a mash-up of every sub-genre thrown into a blender and switched on "high". Everyone is familiar with horror, sci-fi, historical fiction, and fantasy. Obviously. However, each novel is a standalone story that also fits like a puzzle with the next novel in the series. Each novel is also homage to several different subjects such as, Books and Authors from the 1800s to the present, Films, Movie Studios, Robotics, The Atom Bomb, MKUltra, The Illuminati, Genetic Engineering, Horror, Magic, Artificial Intelligence, Pop Culture, Time Travel, Invisibility, WWIII, Singularity, Music, Colors, and the Pulp Fiction writers of the 40s and 50s. As a simple way to describe each novel we will lay out what each of these original fantastical stories are all about. Colors and music played a big part in this series with the eBooks. Studying, researching, and staring at a color wheel and albums is an excellent way to lose your mind. Fortunately, we kept each other on the straight and narrow while we laid out the plots of each of these novels back in 2011. Below, you will find a short synopsis of each novel and why it was written in a certain style. Each book has multiple plots. However, the main plot will keep flowing from novel to novel. For more insight as to how this series was laid out please visit our blog page: There is a First For Everything

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The multiple plots within our first thrilling novel in the Pseudoverse Series are fused with futuristic technology and genetic engineering running parallel with each other inside Cobalt until the very end. The American citizens and the military are subjugated becoming complacent by an unseen threat. Could this be a virus, biological agent, or worse, mind-control? The entire Pseudoverse Series lays out how we got to the point of artificial intelligence singularity and why. One man’s quest starts out as good intentions for one woman on the verge of death and turns into a final fight for the planet. In Cobalt, America is hijacked by the Tri-Presidents with the help of the failing United Nations. What they did not count on was an Army Officer with a unique code of quantum programming. Taking back the land she loves is going to require remarkable weapons, investigative skills, cunning, bravery, and an awful lot of Twinkies.