'Bits of Bytes' Interview of Xanthe. Emerald's most successful Pseudosilicon. (Dangerous

Today is the 18th of May 2077. Bits of Bytes Virtual Magazine interview room in Grants Pass Oregon. Interviewer only known as 'CC'. CC: Xanthe, we met earlier this past year in Texas and you saved my ass. I thank you for that. Lets get right to the point. You are basically a machine. A bounty hunter. Do you feel? Xanthe: No Cindy I do not feel. Thoughts such as empathy, happiness, or hatred that provoke a response are not part of my programming. These are merely words with no meaning. CC: Please do not use names during this interview. Someone might get the impression that I have been assisting you. I personally do not want to be a part of your practice of "offing" people who get in your way.

eBook Vs. Print - Reader Decisions - Do Price/Reviews Matter When Picking Out Books?

First of all a big "Happy Mothers Day" to all of you moms out there. Thank you for the sacrifices you made during your lifetime. Thank you! We here at Pseudosynth Press were curious about the "eBook Vs. Print" dilemma and polled quite a few readers online and asked them the following questions concerning this decision. 1) What is your limit on an eBook purchase? What is the tipping point when deciding to buy or not to buy? 2) Does the popularity of the author matter to you? Does genre play a big part in your decision? 3) Do you take reviews seriously when picking out a book? 4) Which do you prefer, eBook or Print and why? Here is what they had to say: Sharon W. - "If I love the author's work

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