The Future of the Pseudoverse. What is Next After the Pseudoverse Implodes? Will your Face Grace the

Hello and good afternoon, or good morning depending on where you are at right now. The image above is the remainder, what is left of the Pseudoverse Series, all ten novels. With this in mind I will shortly have number seven , Indigo, in the books. (No pun intended at all.) The three novels that are concept novel cover art without faces are Copper, Granite, and Turquoise. Gold and Radium are taken by a couple of lovely and bright young women who have chosen to let me drag them through the literary mud for my own bizarre pleasure. (Evil Laughing) That means that Scarlet, Granite, and Turquoise, are without their cover art models yet. Savannah Claeys, (Gold) and Crystal Sickles, (Radium) have been inducted into the madness of the Pseudoverse, and soon to be not only cover models, but the main characters as well. If you are interested in becoming a part of history please email me with info and questions or contact Jackie on Crackbook. Thank you in advance for being a part of our Pseudoverse and hopefully you will not become a Pseudosynth casualty. Below we will have a list of the remaining books and a snippet of each so if you are interested in what's coming up check it out!!!

Now, I have been asked, "what's after the Pseudoverse? Are you still going to continue to write?" My answer is always the same: "As long as I am above ground and able to type I will never stop writing." It is an addiction that I cannot stop. Not sure if I would be able to stop writing if I tried. Loving what you do has a lot to do with it but the old spinal column always has other things in mind for me. There are days I cannot write but I am always moving forward with notes, research, documentation, and other things. I always have these novels in mind so when I am not writing I am driving myself crazy. SO, what is the next series? I can tell you this much, I will not be leaving the color, gem, and liquid themes. They seem to spark my creativity and I happen to love this series the way it is. Jackie and I figured up that I write 2.5 novels a year since I started. Hmm? Half a novel, lol. It's just a number. Anyways, Indigo, will be completed in May. Ash, in August, or September. Amber will be Christmas 2018 or around the New Year. The rest, well, we will have to see how fast the doctors can get their heads out of their asses and help me out. I refuse to have another surgery number unlucky 13 unless I cannot walk from the bed to the bathroom. For the time being I am doing "okay" and have therapy coming up in May.

If we were to run a contest on a new series name would you be game? (Any and ALL names will be considered!!!)


Feel free to contact us ANYTIME with ideas and suggestions! We love your input and I will be looking for an author with my same mindset to do a collaboration with in the very near future. If you would like to get together and write the mother-of-all science fiction books give me a ring. I am also going to start a short story book with several different stories about artificial intelligence, Transhumanism, robotics, and historical oddities.

Below you will find the covers of the upcoming novels and their snippets. Please feel free to click on the images and share the respective page. If you are really interested in one subject or another from the different books let me know. I will send you inside the book to do some damage as a "robot-hell-bent-on-killing-everyone". Who doesn't like a great robot that you will never forget? I know I never did growing up...

Thank you for the ratings and reviews of my novels. They mean the world to me and it is the reason I continue to write...for you...If you have received free books please take the time to rate them on Amazon. Thank you so much.

Robotic Love and Respect, Always, CG


What did happen to Houdini’s magic ring after he died? Don’t miss this story of magic, mayhem, and murder as an up and coming magician is framed for a murder she did not commit. The victim’s neck met with the sharp blade of the guillotine trick. This novel stars real-life magician Mick Valenti and is the first of its kind. #Amber

Very close to the color of raspberry, (the bands favorite group, The Raspberries) Amaranth is the 'synthetic' story of the world's most successful "all-girl" rock band. What happens to the lead singer as she is rushed to the emergency room for an apparent overdose? Does she live or die? Does the band continue on in the wake of a tragedy that seems to be the end of the group? Join us in a wild ride sure to knock your socks off and kick out the jams. Original music and story only available in the Pseudoverse. Batteries and molds not included...

This novel stars our main character, Alesha Justice, and a cast so rockin that it will take your ears days to recover from the decibels... #Amaranth

The human race is about to discover the origin of DNA itself as a rogue signal is heard bouncing off the earth from space. The crew of the ISV Trinity, Captain Christopher Papazesis, Executive Officer Catherine Lethcoe, Navigator Hans Markus, Medical Officer Sharon Wrinkle, Linguists and Geologists Laurel Quaintance and Victor Calloway, and Astrophysicist ?, embark on a journey that will lead them through the Pseudoverse right back where it all started, Kepler 425B. Nicknamed by many scientists as "earth's cousin", this planet is home to an unknown species that will eventually lead the crew, or what's left of it, to where mankind started. This fantastic tale of discovery, survival, and awe, will take your breath away as the human genome is finally humans... #Turquoise

What does a 440 year-old pirate captain named Savannah Claeys, the most ruthless and psychotic pirate to ever sail the seas, and the infamous Harmony Gemma Wells have in common? Aw, come on, you know...! Their ship, "The Crimson Nightmare", will get a workout in this epic tale of a crew scratching their heads wondering why her captain suddenly has a huge change of a cold, bloody, heart. Walk the plank scallywag to the dark depths of an unforgiving ocean full of mystery, eye patches, and hook hands! (Quit scratching your face with that hook. No wonder so many pirates only had one eye.) #Gold

Copper is the offshoot of the novel Chrome, and is the story of a group of highly trained assassins. Oh, did we tell you they are all "Working Synths"? If we missed that part it's because their identities are Top Secret and led by the infamous Major Tanica "Azure" Randall. Never let a roll in the hay get in the way of killing someone...

You can call them the government's "Sex Metal Barbie Homicidal Queens". #Copper

It took Madame Marie Curie years to sift through four tons of pitch blend in 1898 to extract one ounce of Radium. Now in 2099, it takes robots less than one second to extract the same amount. Why does the world need radium, and why does a half-human half-robot named Crystal Sickles want to stop the production forever leading a bloody revolt against all carbon-based units? If killing humans is what it takes to get your point across then you better be good at it. Here comes fury and vengeance. This is Radium... #Radium


This novel is a ghost story unlike any other. How much would you sacrifice to become the world's best-selling author? Would you die for it? We think you will... #Granite

My Immortal...I will take care of you, always...reach up and grab that manuscript...

Dr. Renie Jekyll/Mz. Scarlet Hyde, is based upon Robert Louis Stevenson's novel of the same name. Written "CG Blade" style, this horrific tale of change will make you want to turn on the all of the lights in the house. Protect your Pineal Gland! You have been warned! #Scarlet

Thank you and Robotic Love, CG

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