How To Hyperlink Your Table Of Contents To Your Chapter Headings

Hello! If you are reading this you are like many of the millions of independent authors looking to save yourself some money. You might pay for the formatting of a book or even pay to have your book hyperlinked between your Table Of Contents (TOC) and your chapter headings. Well, if you have been wondering how this is done, wonder no more! We are here to tell you that this process takes about ten-minutes and is very easy to do. We are going use our latest book, Heart Of A Robot, for this Blogmonstration. (Yes, we made up this word. It is a cross between Blog+Demonstration) STEP 1: Write the book and open it up. This would be the most important step. We are using Microshaft Winblows Word 2013

We Are Between Books...You and I

How do I actually tell this part of the story? The only way I know how to, bluntly. This is the greatest place in an authors space in their head. The "between books" thinking process is actually two places in time, and ONLY two places in time. The 'before' and the 'after', the 'pause' and 'very fast-forward'. Currently paused on Emerald waiting for the sites to approve it for sales, I immediately turn my thoughts to Heliotrope. Now, this would normally be a very fast-forward thinking process for me. Why? If you have read any of my work you know that once I get started there is no stopping that train. Crap, I have got a doctors appointment on the 17th, the 31st, November blah blah blah...mor

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