We have some Incredible projects happening at Pseudosynth Press! Come inside and take a look...

This year started out like a firestorm as we unleashed Chrome to you in shining silver and blue. It is an exciting time now that our seventh novel, Indigo, is in the editing stages so we thought we would take a moment to share what is coming up soon!

Stephanie Matard, is voicing a brand new version of the audiobook of Cobalt and then hopefully if all goes well, the remainder of the Pseudoverse. We are so thrilled to have her on board. Take a moment to check out her impressive voice over styling and artistry. She has begun work on the project and we hope to have Petra and Ter completed soon. Click on her image to learn more about her and the talent she brings to the world.

Ash is around 15% completed and we are doing extensive research for this one. Its 1677, and there was a little known war called the "Four Days War" between the British and the Dutch during this decade (The French came into the picture also) concerning the trade waters at the time. It was one of the biggest and bloodiest naval battles ever fought. The Dutch controlled most of the oceans and their fleet equaled the British and French vessels combined at that time. Ash is the story of one of the biggest British ships engaged in a battle with a Dutch warship off the coast of Rhode Island. Badly beaten, looking for solace from the battle, the Captain of the HMS Criton Nighthawk, Savannah "Razor May" Claeys, seeks help from the towns people of Peace Dale, Rhode Island. What happens next will shock you to the core as her ship and crew are put in grave danger. We hope you like this little slice of history mixed with a great ghost story. No one lives forever, or do they? Click on the collage below to read the first unedited chapter of Ash.

Indigo turned out to be a blockbuster with beta readers and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time out of their lives to read our novels and give us useful feedback. It is always is a thrill releasing a brand new novel and we LOVE to hear from our readers! It is of course why an author writes. To entertain, thrill, and engulf the reader in another world. Losing control over reality for a while is why CG Blade's writing is so well received and has a following next to none. We love you Pseudos and hope you love the next novel as well!!!

Before we go, we would like to give you a rundown of what is next after Ash. We put up a poll on our Pseudosynth Press Facebook page as to which novel you would like to see next. If you would like to vote on the next novel, please visit our page by clicking on the image of Amaranth or Gold. Below is a short description of each novel and the link to the poll. This poll will continue until Ash is in editing sometime around October. Thank you so very much for visiting our pages and we hope you love Indigo, which should be out in the next couple of weeks. It is one wild mind-numbing ride through a tortured soul!

Robotic Love and Hugs, CG & Jackie

(Click on either Amaranth or Gold image to cast your vote!!!)