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Riding the Razor until it turns Crimson

How could you possibly be mad at this face? This is the face of the 'Delete Key Posse'! The delete key is not a toy, lol.

I am so pumped about this book words cannot describe my feelings of gratitude. Crimson has been a fantastic trip and very worthwhile one to say the least. There is nothing on this planet I would ever want to do but write this series and the next. If you have ever thought about writing, do it. I implore you. Write like you are possesed. Write until you can't think straight anymore. All you can imagine and dream at night lying in bed is the story and the plot, the narrative and the prose, the connection between characters and that all encompassing insurmountable climax.

Most of you have heard this story from me already but the early pulp writers who didnt have word processors ('copy and paste, yea baby, whoo-hoo!') had to pump out at least a million words a year to put food on the table with a typewriter. I thank God everyday that I was born when I was. A typwriter? Are you kidding me? That is incredible. My fingers hurt right now and I have only typed about 200,000 words this past year and I have a cushy laptop, a comfortable chair, and lots of support. We just watched 'The 'Shining' a couple of weeks ago. Jack Nicholson banging on those keys in the scene with Shelly Duval gave me goosebumps. Typing this right now is silent like a stealth plane or a horror movie. You know something is going to happen, you just dont know when. (The goosebumps are there in the story)

Crimson was worked over hard. As hard as I have ever worked at anything in my life. Before this happened to me (L2-S1), I was an engineer, a Navy veteran, a very hard proud worker (18 hour days and almost no sleep). I never did anything at a slow pace. My life has been Full-Tilt-Boogie or nothing up to now. I approached this book series in the same way. Half-assing something is not what you will ever get from me. I put all of me into the Trinity Series, and then asked myself for a little more.

This book has all of the Cobalt answers you are looking for and I made sure that no stone was left unturned. The fact that a razor was mentioned in the title of this blog is not by accident. Only Sarah L. and Katerina V. know the real story that is Heliotrope. Its not always a good idea to ride that razor but if you do make sure there is a peep on the end of it. Below is a list of people who are characters in Crimson. I have saved some 'special' names for Heliotrope but I will toss those dice again to see where you end up. All I can tell you is things are not always what the seem to be, shiny Crimson coated steel included. Thank you for reading this series. I hope it takes you away from the reality of life to another fantastic place. Once in awhile we all need that shift into fantasy, that 'brain break', especially me.

A special THANK YOU to our BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN OF THE ARMED FORCES and to the following people who let us drag them screaming and kicking through this novel:

Jackie SP

George P

Cindy C

Katerina V

Bradetta DV

Jill L

Sara L

Dave R

Nikki Jane R

Dean L

Tom M

Juan C

Tim R

Cindy R

Bonnie E

Scott E

Dave J

Richard W

Jerry V

Anna V

Nadine F

Amanda L

Stephanie M

Charles V

Jere V

Tim C

Heather F

Angie Q

Nikki Rae C


Cad G

Edwin D

If I missed ANYONE I am sorry. Please let me know!

Thanks for being great friends and great people.

See you inside of Crimson!

“Captain you have to be damn sure that you’re right, about everything!” he sprang from his chair and stood next to the South Lawn window. Petra followed suit standing next to him, silent. The indentation in the lawn from the previous ‘dish’ incident filled in and covered with bright green sod. “This is treason and murder we are talking about here Captain. I cannot have you going off half-cocked chasing after him if he is innocent. We are dealing with other nations here as well. This whole thing smells like a set-up to me. I am getting ready to go analog from what the staff tells me when I put out the State of the Nation Address tomorrow morning. I hope that someone out there will hear me. We have millions of displaced people who are scared, hungry, and fearful. I believe in you Captain Dace, but make sure you are damn right! If you are right, I will pin so many damn medals to your chest you will fall over from the weight. If you are wrong about this, I will denounce you, cast you out, and expatriate you. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir. I understand completely.” Petra saluted President Harrison and returned her cap to her head. She turned and started to walk across the Oval Office floor past the white sofa to the door.

“Captain”, Harrison said turning towards her.

“Yes sir?” She turned to look back at him.

“God bless you Captain Dace and good luck.” He returned the earlier salutation.

“God sir?”

“Yes Captain Dace, God bless you and Ter.”

“God—she’s going to sit this one out sir.”


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