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We Are Between Books...You and I

How do I actually tell this part of the story? The only way I know how to, bluntly. This is the greatest place in an authors space in their head. The "between books" thinking process is actually two places in time, and ONLY two places in time. The 'before' and the 'after', the 'pause' and 'very fast-forward'.

Currently paused on Emerald waiting for the sites to approve it for sales, I immediately turn my thoughts to Heliotrope. Now, this would normally be a very fast-forward thinking process for me. Why? If you have read any of my work you know that once I get started there is no stopping that train. Crap, I have got a doctors appointment on the 17th, the 31st, November blah blah blah...more and more injections, waiting for hours, the next days afterwards filled with pain. X-Rays, MRI's, surgeon visits. All of this interrupts the fast-forward between books process and like a jet pointed straight up in the air slowing down, it eventually stalls. I need to air ignite the engines.

I know for a fact every author feels this euphoric feeling mixed with a blase panicked feeling of "this next book has to be BETTER!" You cannot run away from it. It is impossible. As humans, we all want to achieve better quality. It is ingrained in us. Everyone wants to outdo themselves and everyone else around them. It is just human nature. I want to put out THE BEST book I can every time I write. That is my goal and my commitment to you. So, back to the "between books" interlude. Being where I am currently with Emerald and looking towards Heliotrope, I will not falter. I will not fail no matter what my pain level is. YOU and I need this book. It wraps up the entire series and explains everything you ever needed to know but were afraid to ask.

By the way, what do you really need to know?

1) Jere. Damn, this is going to be a good one. This story goes back to 2045 and beyond where it all started. In some ways I am going to need a good cry here in order to write this character. Every author needs to cry to have sympathy for their characters. I will have to grab some fresh onions since I can no longer cry unless pieces of me are being removed and replaced.

2) Jaesa. What you are about to witness will be remarkable. That is all I have to say.

3) Xanthe. Or should I say "Xanthe's". How much goo is actually left on this planet?

4) Ray and Jackie. Ray is busy. Jackie is moody.

5) Petra. There will be asses kicked in Heliotrope. Unleash the drones and the big guns baby!

6) Dreama. As Flounder (Kent Dorfman) once said in Animal House, "Oh boy oh boy oh boy!"

7) The Twins. As Judas Priest screamed on stage, "Hell bent, hell bent for leather!"

8) Vic. This will be an entirely new character in Heliotrope and the deciding factor in whether or not humanity will remain alive on this planet. No pressure on you Vic. None at all. Being a geologist in real life is going to be a big help to yours truly.

9) WOW. What the hell is this? I am not sure but it is engaged and has full frontal assault capabilities. I hope you brought your controller.

10) Did I miss anything? Not sure, hold on...Oh yea, I have got about four pages of notes on Heliotrope. Nothing you would be interested in, trust me. It is all Greek gibberish.

So, as I continue on with this saga I will of course be true to you and the story to the best of my ability. I will tell you that this story starts out in 2096. You and I are both between books and I am dragging you along with me down this road. It is a magnificent road but it might hit some rocky bumps along the way so hang with me. I appreciate every one of your posts, shares, and reviews. I do not take them lightly or for granted. They mean the world to me. Without you, I am nothing.

December 15th to the 30th is my goal for Heliotrope so if I disappear for a while do not be alarmed.

Robotic love, CG

A very BIG thank you to the following people for making Emerald a reality:

Jackie Siefert-Pappas

Cindy Calloway

Aimee Marie Bejarano

Cindy J. Smith

Christine Thompson

Katerina Ventova

Sharon Wrinkle

Shefali Banerji

Derek Thompson

James King

Karen King

Sarah Larsen

Jaesa Jean Bacon (Baconbit)

Nicole bacon

Charles Verner

Jere Verner

Ray Nelson

Kayla Lewis

Erin Stainton

Meisuko Chang

Jolene McMurray

Elizabeth Horner

Jeremy Croston

Jack Crosby

Jeff Trelewicz

Suzanne Hobbs

You can all take a bow. Thank you. I hope you have enjoyed the show so far...

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