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Thank you to Paul Winter for his rendition of all of the Pseudoverse Novels In one GIANT print!

This is now available as a 500 piece 20 X 16 inch puzzle, OR

for a GIANT experience, a 1000 piece 30 X 20 inch puzzle!

If you would like to purchase either of the Pseudoverse Puzzles, please use the PayPal links below!

Thank you!

The Pseudoverse Series Puzzle
Building the Pseudoverse! Puzzle
Building the Pseudoverse! Puzzle
Building the Pseudoverse! Puzzle

Fire's eBook is now available for "one-click" preordering at the low price of

.99 cents!!!

This tenth novel in the Pseudoverse will take you on a thrill ride you will never want to get off as all of humanity has a difficult decision to make.

The people of earth must confront Rhamnousia, and "Planet X," the infamous "Red Dragon" (known only as a cryptic message in the Leningrad Codex), and the secrets Rhamnousia may be hiding about the evolution of humanity...

This is the follow-up to Ice, the blazing inferno, Fire...

Read an unedited Fire for FREE at Wattpad for a limited time only!

Fire Back Cover Art










Purchase a single novel or the complete set of signed Pseudoverse novels on our ​Discount Novels page, and receive $10.00 cashback to use at any site that accepts PayPal!!!

Amaranth, the Heart Of Rock and Roll, is up next in the Pseudoverse!!!

























"The Pseudoverse Series has everything you love reading in one gorgeous set of fantastic novels! These stories are the most gripping, twisting, turning, and well-written series of futuristic historical fiction novels you will ever lay your hands on. You will be asking yourself, "why didn't I come across these sooner?" The cliffhangers from novel to novel suck you in like no other series you have read in a long time. Kudos to CG and his extensive research into all things scary including "politics by mind-control.""

- Karen S. - Amazon Review

A very warm and gracious Thank You to Sydney Gavriel for her interview with CG Blade on life, chronic pain, having a bestselling Pseudoverse Series, and the life of a technological America in the not too distant future. Thank you again, Sydney.

Click on the button below to be transported to the "Teens & 20's interview.

Discounted Novels!
Amaranth Back Cover Art
Amaranth Front Cover Art
Surround O Rama

We are very pleased and excited to bring you the second, and third installment in the Pseudoverse Series in ACX Audiobook edition, Emerald, and Crimson! Voicing this mind-bending thriller will be a labor of love for narrator Nila B. Nagood. We are very excited and proud to have her onboard. Nila has her hands full with a four-year-old Jaesa!!!

Click on the title image below to listen to a sample of Emerald's Foreword, and Chapters 1 through 4.

Crimson is coming very soon so stay tuned to this page!

Emerald ACX Audiobook
Crimson ACX Audiobook

Famous last words in every B-Movie ever made:

"Major Dace, we have properly disposed of all of the Aureolin Yellow..." (The last remaining liquid from the novel 'Emerald' and the 1947 Corona, New Mexico alien crash site)

Aureolin Front Cover Art

Read some untouched, unfiltered, and thorough comments/reviews on the entire Pseudoverse Series on

CG Blade's webpage. :) :) :)


Cate Mckoy - Author/Novelist/Screenwriter/Inspiration

Author Cate McKoy

CG Blade - Dark Visionary Author of Sci-Fi, Terror, and Automata Suspense. Penning the great Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi, Kitchen Sink, and Horror novels of The Pseudoverse Series

CG Blade, Pseudosynth

Cindy Calloway - Pseudosynth Press Editor/Muse/Biker/Biologist

Cindy Calloway

DC Belga - Science Fiction/Horror/Erotica Author

DC Belga

Jackie Siefert-Pappas - Pseudosynth Press Executive Publisher/Accountant/Muse

Jackie Siefert-Pappas

Katerina Ventova - Amazing Graphic Artist and Friend

Katerina Ventova

Nila B. Hagood - Voice Actor/Audiobook Narrator/Videographer/Artist

NIla B. Hagood

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