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Welcome to the Pseudoverse where artificial intelligence and programming is brought to life with the occult and other codices as predicted by scholars and scientists. The main characters such as wounded warriors, police officers, detectives, reporters, aliens, witches, genetic scientists, femme fatales, and quantum geniuses become artificial intelligence, reapers, and robotic badasses. Trying to save humanity from itself, external threats from beyond our solar system, and its own bad decisions comes at a high cost. Do you love a great conspiracy within our own "Deep State" of government? Come along and take a wild ride with all of the covert experiments that go "bump-in-the-night."

You will be glad you dove into CG Blade's continuing saga! - Sharon Lyons

On the following colorful pages, you will find the exciting genres, and sub-genres of Conspiracy Kitchen Sink, Pulp Fiction, Historical Science Fiction, Genetic Engineering, A.I., Pop Culture, Music, Magic, Fantasy, Witchcraft, Robotics, Horror, Sex, Romance, Mystery, and Noir Crime.

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"Season In Hell" (Fire Suite)

See the writing on the wall

Ivory tower's bound to fall
Voices whisper in the wind
I can hear them calling

Love is a fire, burning
And I want to burn

Darkest hour before the dawn
Times we know will soon be gone
Flames of freedom fill the air
I can hear them calling

(Ooh, ooh, Fire. Ooh, ooh, Fire.)

(Ooh, ooh, Fire. Ooh, ooh, Fire.)


The "amazing" Paul Winter's rendition of the Pseudoverse Series novels.

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