Fire and Turquoise are meant to read back to back as were Cobalt and Crimson.


The human race is about to discover the origin of Cephiosa 2.0 as the crew of the ISV Trinity, Captain Christopher Papazisis, Executive Officer Catherine Lethcoe, Navigator Hans Markus, Medical Officer @Sharon Wrinkle, Linguist Laurel Quaintance, Geologist Victor Calloway, and Astrophysicist Leonard Lyons embark on a journey that will lead them through the Pseudoverse right back where it all started.

Kepler 425B, nicknamed by many scientists as "earth's cousin", is home to an unknown species that will eventually lead the crew, or what's left of it, to where mankind started. This fantastic tale of discovery, survival, and awe, will take your breath away as the human genome is finally humans...

If you have read Heliotrope, and Amaranth, you will have a "colorful" time with this story.

This is Turquoise...

Turquoise Front Cover
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Kepler 425B


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