Thank you...

March 9, 2018

I just wanted to "thank" each and everyone of you for making this book series such a success. Never in my wildest dreams did I think six years ago that I would still be typing today. Pounding out stories and characters that we have all grown to know and love. Without you, and those characters, this series would be nothing. Working on novel seven, Indigo, (and almost halfway through editing!) is a sheer delight and a distraction from the pain. I know consciously I am projecting my physical pain onto Harmony and I hope that comes shining through when the book is finished. Her story is not new. The meek, downtrodden, and helpless rise up to defeat evil. It is the basis for every story ever written since Homer's The Odyssey. However, this story is so intricate with precise moments that are far complicated than Heliotrope. Did I say complicated? Well, when I say that I mean in the amount of research and details I have to keep straight in order for the book to work in your mind. Its a lot of painstaking work but nothing great ever came from taking it easy.


The reception I have received over this series is incredible. As I said above, I would have never thought we would have got this far. I saw Cobalt, Crimson, and Heliotrope in my mind six years ago. Now the creativity is just pouring out like a faucet. There is a quote that goes like this: Connections fuel creativity: nothing is original.


Stories, narratives, and the plots are not original. Neither are the way they are told. However, once in a great while you latch onto a great character and a story that IS different in how its told. I sometimes feel guilty because I don't know how I am achieving so many stories in my mind and keeping them separated until its time to put them to paper. (The journal helps a lot!) There is a sort of spiritual connection between my mind and my fingers. Putting out 2,000 words a day is exceptional for me and lately I have been doing that and more. I am not sure how but I refuse to question it. Thinking of you, the reader, is why I continue with this series. I write for myself and you. 


So, as I continue to write I will be satisfied and very grateful that I still am able to produce stories for you. I thank God everyday for the opportunity to make you laugh, cry, and be amazed. I hope I am able to still give you those wonderful "ah-ha" moments twenty years from now.


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After Indigo, Ash is burning up and 5K is already in the books, no pun intended again, lol Amaranth is rockin and rollin next so...stay tuned!


Robotic Love, CG




 Robotic Love and the best to all of you...thank you for making this series such a HUGE success!