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Why Plotting Heliotrope as a Movie Storyboard is an Absolute Requirement - or - ("What is takin

Hello from the three of us! We are very excited to be bringing you the next chapter in our lives and the final novel in the Pseudoverse Series. We hope you got a kick out of our title of this blog. We couldn't have said it any better, or funnier, if we wrote it ourselves. Now that Onyx is finished we caught up with DC and started to compare notes on where Heliotrope would take us. She had some very interesting ideas and concepts as this world we have created needed to be knocked down a peg and built back up. We say this in the nicest way about our Pseudoverse as we have stuck to the same plot line and narrative in all four of the previous books: (All of the main characters have changed through the entire series with the exception of Cobalt and Crimson.)

1) Introduce protagonist

2) Blockade or problem for protagonist

3) Antagonist has other hidden agenda besides blockade or problem

4) Protagonist figures out hidden agenda or problem

5) Collision of antagonist and protagonist

6) Protagonist wins over antagonist

7) Glimpse into next antagonist for next book/hints/sneak peek/music

When you look at how most books and movies have been written since man could write, this is the formula most often used when plotting (The Odyssey; Homer for ex.). The early pulp writers and short story authors wrote books and stories using this formula like a fat kid eats Twinkies. (I would now point you towards one of our earlier blogs, The Lester Dent Formula for Writing Short Stories.) If it were this easy everyone could do it, right? Well, here is the ultimate test. You've got to build that world, the characters, and the reason to fight for that world. We now present to you, Heliotrope. This is where it has all led up to and we are going to give you a glimpse into how we got here, who's inside this world, and what roles they play. If you have not read our series yet I IMPLORE you not to get too deep into the following timeline and plot below. Experiencing this series is like a fine wine that ages over time that just gets better and better. Little tidbits and pieces will be revealed from here on out. if you have read our Pseudoverse Series you will probably enjoy our explanation of it all as one fifty-year span on our office wall. (Yes, it was done in colored pencils to mark each book.) Each book gets you further and further into what experts are predicting will be the "Giga Death", when humanity and artificial intelligence finally collide. They are predicting that over one-billion people on this planet will perish when technological singularity is achieved. Heliotrope takes this to the next level as our first four books come together and all of the puzzle pieces are turned upright, revealed, and put into place. So, in essence, each book IS it's own plot in the bigger scheme of things. This is how we planned and plotted this series out from the beginning. So without further ado, here is our timeline and characters so far. Look for another mini-hint at the bottom of this blog. Have fun and enjoy.

(Please remember our previous books do not follow a linear timeline. This is just for our plotting purposes)

Robotic Love, CG, Jackie, and DC.

2018 - The death of Christine Thompson (Frozen in Emerald Program Area 77)

2046 to 2048 - The death of Wes and Kali (Rebirth of Wes)

2049 to 2050- The death of Jasmine (Rebirth as Serket); Cindy J. receives books; Kali's hint; Ray Nelson invents AA5C39; Dreama is five-years-old; Winter and Zuni appear in novel; Lori is shipped to Meredith along with Amanda.

2050 to 2054 - Charles begins playing God after successful Kali and Wes rebirth.

2055 to 2056 - Dreama is abducted; Ray Nelson is abducted; Charles meets Jere at the University of Texas; Cindy meets Charles, Sarah, and Katerina at Stinger Studios.

Forward almost twenty years to 2072 and 2073 - Beginning of Cobalt and Emerald Program.

2074 to 2075 - Petra dies; W.A.S. formed; Overthrow of U.S. Government; Tri-Presidents assume control; Middle East is bombed; REAL Charles Verner is killed by Major Dace; Jere is pissed.

2076 to 2096 - Cobalt, Crimson, and Emerald intersect.

Overall Pseudoverse view of timeline

You can see why it is so important to us to keep all of our dates and facts correct throughout each book. It's all coming to a head from December 2076 into 2077. The point of view in Heliotrope is told through someone who can never forget history no matter how much you twist it, tear it or fold it.

Introducing a descendant of HG Wells, his Great-Granddaughter, Harmony Gemma Wells. Was his writing actually fiction? Only time will tell...

Harmony Gemma Wells

We will leave you with this one very important question: "If you had to make a present decision that might result in an unknown future outcome based on no facts at all, would a room full of the smartest people on the planet make that decision based on past fiction and the ramblings of one very smart young woman who claims to be over 130 years-old?" Stay with us and hold on tight for the final exciting and thrilling Pseudoverse novel, Heliotrope.

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