Dice & Darts

January 9, 2016

Dice and darts. These are just two of the tools available to an author when an impasse presents itself. Why? Chance. What are the 'chances' of me sitting here today typing away and another part of the left side of my grey hemisphere decides that Nadine should NOT lose a finger. Petra decides to make THAT phone call. Dreama doesnt actually RAPE twelve men, its only three. Philip K. Dick used Chinese astrology and the dreaded die. Other authors use their intellect, wits, and their hope that somewhere down the line that the story line will have turned out okay. Should I change it, the tiniest bit of information that might make or break a chapter that is? Is there a chance that that a single word will change the whole outcome of the paragraph, the chapter, and perhaps the story? I am not a gambler. Never have been. I will take a chance on words though and trust what my brain tells me today with the exception of when it comes to if YOU should live or die. Have you read my posts? As in most of our stories surrounding humanity and moral choices the human race loves the greatest story ever told. The forces of good vs. evil. We have a tendency to 'kill off' the bad guy. KIll your darlings, kill them off. There might be a chance that it will end up better than you thought.


Gotta go. The sniffer drones are itching to finish the job. I hope you didn't allow the government to snag your DNA...yet.


These are my notes of 'chance' I have left for Crimson...168 bullet points...(No pun intended)






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