Crimson & Emerald Update!

I thought I would fill you in on where we currently are sitting with Crimson and Emerald. I apologize for not keeping you up to date a little more but the sleep cycle portion of my powertube has been leaking lately, lol. I am fighting that subject while continuing to write, so hang with me, we are almost there. :)

Crimson- The ACX audiobook is going full bore. Recording and editing is currently happening and Bradetta is working hard to get me a sneak peek by September. Very exciting stuff. I am like a dog drooling over that proverbial steak waiting to hear it. I hope if you enjoyed the book you will enjoy this audiobook as well. I will again have 25 credits to giveaway for listeners so if you would like to listen and review it please get in touch with me. Thank you!

Emerald- Holy drones and spiders! The Reckoning. If I had to sum this novel up in one word that would be it. Reckoning. I love this story, the characters, the premise, and I have a funny feeling you will too. It is very dark and comedic. It twists and turns and has some of what I call great "ah-ha" moments linking Cobalt to Crimson back to Heliotrope. Some of the unanswered questions in the first two novels come to light. It has a certain 'Punisher meets Fletch meets the Grim Reaper meets Blade Runner' feel to it. Xanthe is dark and straightforward. Blunt and non-conforming like her representative and model for the cover art, Christine Thompson.

You can currently find me on Facebook by clicking on the Pseudosynth Press image below. You can find Emerald's page by clicking on her image below. I love to hear feedback and comments on all my stories so please do not hesitate to contact me and chat!

My goal is to have Emerald finished by the end of September and into editing. That is what I am currently working towards. Doctors visits and days filled with pain will interfere but I will not stop. Ever.

PS: The Intermission in Emerald will have a poem written by a fantastic poetess and a glossary of terms at the end of the novel explaining some of the 'provocative' words or phrases from the 'misfit bunch' along with another song.

I thought I would share five things that help me write everyday. Your mind is a wonderful thing, let it do the work for you! 1) Do not wait for inspiration. Just start filling that blank sheet with words. They will eventually turn into sentences, paragraphs, and chapters.

2) You know when a chapter starts and stops. Only you.

3) If you feel like a character is slipping outside of their personality go back and read what you have written. It helps to keep you and them in line everyday.

4) Always stop writing at a point where you are able to easily pick back up the next day. Never stop writing in the middle of a conversation. It has to flow.

5) When you are done writing for the day always keep a pen and paper next to you. Something miraculous is about to happen. Your subconscious will continue to write the story for you. Let it out and write it down. Your mind is very amazing and you have to let it work for you every night before you sleep. When you wake the next morning, you will have fresh material. Try it. It works. Robotic Love, CG

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