February 19, 2016

     The word Kudos is from the Greek (of course) word 'Kydos' meaning "praise or renown". The first use of this word was in academic circles. Playwrights and athletes started receiving the same word as praise in the 1920's and the word is adaptable in a singular or plural setting. Kudos has come to be widely regarded and used as a plural noun meaning "accolades" rather than a singular mass noun meaning "honor or glory". The singular form Kudo has been produced by back formation. Most publishing guides warn against using this word and it is no longer used in conjunction with journalistic writing. Those of you who read my stuff on a regular basis know that I will probably disregard that guide. Kudos, Kudos, Kudos- I personally do not give kudos lightly.

     KUDOS to Cindy Calloway. Sometimes the planets align and great things happen. Sometimes you meet someone and they actually love what they do. It inspires you to want to be greater than the collective. Kudos to her for igniting that spark and for the attention to detail and amount of work she puts into editing a manuscript. If you're looking for an editor who maintains a high level of work ethic and is actually a breath of fresh air, than look no further. Heliotrope is next and I promise it will be interesting, disturbing, and fun for you. Thank you and Kudos to you Cindy...you can edit the hell out of a novel. (Cindy has a great sense of humor. You need that when you work with me. Sarcasm is my middle name.)


     KUDOS to Bradetta Doyle-Vines. Once again a great collaboration and friendship has been formed through the ever-widening universe of people in my life. If it was not for Cobalt, Bradetta would not be. I am so glad that we found each other and that she has the flexibility in her busy life to voice Cobalt. Kudos and thank you Bradetta for putting that extra ounce of octane into Cobalt where it counts. There is no other voice in the world that I would want Petra and Terprise to sound like. You nailed the ACX Audio Book of Cobalt and I cant wait to hear Crimson. (If someone can get me to laugh while I am in excrutiating pain sitting by myself than you know you've hit a home-run)


     Proudly we as humans march on through the roughest times in our lives and overcome obstacles to produce beautiful outcomes. Why? Because it's what we do. It's all we know. Most of your life is spent worrying about outcomes. The preceding paragraphs are two outcomes I needn't worry about, ever.



     Now on to the coolest thing Pseudosynth Press has done so far. The Crimson giveaway party on the 25th of February is going by way of a newfangled thing the kids call 'video'. There will be several moving picture questions at the event with clues and hints aimed towards Cobalt trivia. The first of several videos will be at noon sharp with a promotion, a question, and lastly a hint. Yes you get to listen to me ramble on about Cobalt and Crimson. When the videos are posted the first person to answer a question about Cobalt correctly will get the giveaway prize. The mugs will not be signed but of course all copies of books will be. This is going to be a lot of fun and I cannot wait to give these gifts away. Thank you for spending time with us. Robotic Love, CG